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Testing RxJS Apps with Marble Diagrams

| JavaScript

Marble diagrams have been a useful tool in learning RxJS, but with RxJS 5 they are now a useful tool in writing unit tests for applications as well.

Teaching RxJS

| JavaScript

As I have been learning RxJS over the past couple of years I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to teach it to others just about any way I can…pairing, converstaions, conference and meetup talks, presentations at work, etc. So I wanted to write out some of my thoughts on different ways to teach Observables.

Render HTML Strings via Incremental DOM

| JavaScript

With an HTML parser it is possible to start using Incremental DOM today with your templating engine of choice.

Using RxJS with Mithril

| JavaScript

Reactive programming with Observables and rendering views via a virtual DOM go incredibly well together. RxJS and Mithril implement those two paradigms respective and together create a power foundation from writing applications.

Event Delegation with .matches()

| JavaScript

Oh DOM, you are always full of surprises. I feel like I should have learned about el.matches() a long time ago. You pass it a selector and it’ll return true/false if it matches. Pretty useful, and I think its most useful application is with event delegation.

Auto-generated Style Guide via Jekyll and DSS


I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of auto-generated a style guide based on comments in my CSS. Using DSS to parse the comments and Jekyll to be the documenation site make that idea possible.

BEM-Like CSS With Dots and Mods


I like BEM, but that syntax… What if wrote class names like block.element or block%modifier instead?

The :has Pseudo-Class, the Selector We've Been Waiting For


It is here…a solution for the elusive parent selector. The :has psuedo-class is a parent selector and more!

A Month With ES6

| JavaScript

Over the past month, I’ve started using ES6 features wherever I could. Here’s a collection of some of my thoughts on the new features.

Creating an ES6 DOM Library

| JavaScript

ES6 and ES7 are making JavaScript even better. To expirement with some of the new features, let’s look at how to write a jQuery-like DOM library.

Sharing CSS Variables with JavaScript

| CSS, JavaScript

Accessing CSS variables from JavaScript is pretty easy, but it’s hard to think up many use cases. One powerful use, though, is detecting the active breakpoint.

Chromebook worflow with Cloud9 IDE

| Workflow

Who needs a Mac or Windows machine? With Cloud9 I’ve got a pretty sweet dev environment on a Chromebook.

Building a drag and drop JavaScript minifier

| JavaScript

Sometimes setting up Grunt or Gulp is just too much. Learn how to build a JavaScript minifer completely in the browser using drag and drop.

The value of CSS variables


When I first thought about CSS variables, I didn’t really see how they would be useful. But now I see that the real value of CSS variables comes from their ability to enable configuration and customization of reusable components.